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FTP means “File Transfer Protocol” and SFTP means “Secure File Transfer Protocol”

FTP and SFTP are used to transfer files over a network from one computer to another, and in most cases, to a web server. Wikipedia has more information on FTP here

We use SFTP instead of FTP to transfer files to our servers. We use it because of the increased security with SFTP, you can see an explanation below.

SFTP Login

You'll need the following information from your administrator to login with SFTP:

Host -
Username -
Password -
Directory to upload your files too - /www/htdocs

Remember SFTP, not FTP

SFTP Client

There are quite a number of FTP Clients. Most will support SFTP. If you don't have and FTP client that works with SFTP you can download and install the free, open source FTP client called FileZilla. It can be downloaded here, FileZilla download.

They have a good set of help files on the FileZilla page and you can always Google for more information.

This link. will take you to another good Wiki on FileZilla

Why we use SFTP instead of FTP

SFTP is a secure form of the FTP. Whenever a user opens up a regular FTP session or most other TCP/IP connections, the entire transmission made between the host and the user is sent in plain text. Anyone who has the ability to snoop on the network packets can read the data, including the password information. If an unauthorized user can login, they have the importunity to compromise the system.

When using SSH's SFTP instead of the FTP, the entire login session including transmission of password is encrypted. It is therefore much more difficult for an outsider to observe and collect passwords from a system using SSH/SFTP sessions.

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