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 +==== Create an Email Alias ====
 +[[rhws_inc_documentation:​start|click to go back to main Table of Contents]]
 +An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. You can create an email alias that forwards to a single email address or multiple email addresses. ​
 +**Log-in to your account** by following the instructions labeled "​**Accessing your RHWSI account**"​ in the main **Table of Contents**.
 +Click the Email link.
 +Click the Add Email Alias to create new email addresses
 +**To forward to a single email (or multiple email addresses):​**
 +It's fairly simple, just add the email before the @ sign, and put the forwarding email address in. Click "​Add"​ if you want to forward to multiple email addresses. \\ Finish by clicking "​Submit"​.
 + **To forward to a single email(or multiple email addresses) and also forward to itself:**
 +If you are adding an alias to forward email to another account:\\
 +  *<​> ​  ​forwards to   <​> ​
 +and want to have your new emails not just forwarded but also stored ​ in an email account with the same name as the alias
 +  *<​> ​
 +you must also create an email account with the same name and set the alias to forword to itself
 +  *<​> ​
 +as well as the other email account
 +  *<​> ​
 +  *<​> ​ is to be forwarded to <​>  ​
 +  *You want an email to go to the account *<​>​ and to the account <​>​
 +  *In that case make sure you set both *<​>​ and as destination email address in the email alias settings for <​>​ \\ 
 +Finish by clicking "​Submit"​.
-An email alias is simply a forwarding email address. 
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