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 +==== Create Email Accounts ====
 +[[rhws_inc_documentation:​start|click to go back to main Table of Contents]]
-====== Headline ======+**Log-in to your account** by following the instructions labeled "​**Accessing your RHWSI account**"​ in the main **Table of Contents**.
-In the top right you will see a blue button - "​Login"​ +**Click the Email link.**
-Click it +
-Log in with your  +
-Username- ​  +
-Password - +
-Then click the Email link.+Click the Add Email User to create new email addresses 
 +You will need to use a pass word that fits the requirments below: 
 +  *Min 8 characters; must include upper & lower case and a number. Can not contain the part of the email before the "​@"​  
 +For security reasons you can forced the password to expire (and force the user to create a new one) after a set number of days. Enter the number of days for the password before it expire. If you don't wish the password to ever expire the set it at 0 (zero).
-From there you can add or delete email addresses. ​ 
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