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Change Your Email Password

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Note - Once you update your email password you will be able to log into your web mail right away. Before your email client on your computer or phone can access your email you will have to update your email password on those devices as well.

Go to

In the top right you will see a blue login button, .

Click it and log into Ghost Panel.

If you are logged in using the domain username then click the Email Users on the left, or Email in the middle of the page. Then click the pencil next to the email address you wish to update

You will see a link that says Change Password.

Click it to view a form to update your password. After you have updated the password make sure you click the Submit button.

Password - Your password will be a combination of lower case, upper case, numbers and at least 8 characters.

You will also see a field in the form, Password Expiry (Days). If you want your password to expire after a certain number of days put that number of days in the Password Expiry (Days) field. You will then be required to update your password after that number of days has passed. If you don't want your password to expire then make sure that field has a 0 in it.

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